We offer compressed air usage audits using  ‘airINSITE’ technology or via the new ‘iConn’.

airinsite voltage and current loggerThe equipment allows us to compile a detailed survey of your compressed air systems demand with particular reference to energy and the operating efficiency of the system.

We can monitor pressure, flow, energy, operating temperature and dew point, as well as carbon reduction.

A standard audit sees our equipment on your system for around 10 days, after which time we have captured your various processes.  We then analyse all data and can produce actual demand and performance, along with a simulation report.

This tool is a great budget driver, energy reduction tool and also provides evidence of your environmental commitment for your Company.

iConn is a new innovation from Gardner Denver which is available with new equipment purchases or can be retro-fitted.

The new iConn service provides compressed air users with in-depth and real-time knowledge about their system, essential for accurate production planning and peace of mind protection for their investment. The system generates and delivers insight and statistics that keeps compressed air users informed of the performance of their installation, highlighting potential issues before they become a problem.