System issues where our client can reduce air generation costs include -

  • Plan to walk the system eliminate any inappropriate uses of compressed air.
  • All equipment in the compressed air system should be maintained in accordance with manufacturers' specifications.
  • Air flow to unused equipment should be valved off as early as possible in the distribution system
  • Check for "choke" points in your distribution system or “dead legs”
  • Set a reasonable target for cost-effective leak reduction and monitor.
  • Once leaks are repaired reassess your compressed air system supply at regular intervals
  • Replace high efficiency filter elements at least annually. Compensating for pressure lost can be very costly and it affects production quality
  • Determine the cost of compressed air for your factory by calculating load hours / run hours / operating hours
  • Check with the compressor supplier for performance specifications at different discharge pressures.
  • Compare your system pressure with production equipment requirements, if its too high, save money by reducing it
  • Reduce the distance the air travels through the distribution system.
  • Is all the heat generated in your compressor going to waste? Are there any processes where that wasted heat energy could be put to good use?
  • Air Flow Metering is a hidden gem when calculating energy reduction.

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