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iConn is an innovation from Gardner Denver which is available with new equipment purchases or can be retro-fitted.

The iConn service provides compressed air users with in-depth and real-time knowledge about their system, essential for accurate production planning and peace of mind protection for their investment. The system generates and delivers insight and statistics that keeps compressed air users informed of the performance of their installation, highlighting potential issues before they become a problem.


Why should you activate iConn?

Absolute Efficiency. Absolute Security

Not only does iConn allow deviations from the optimal plant condition to be detected early and counter-measures to be initiated, meaning that expensive faliures and downtimeis avoided, maintenance intervals are no longer time-controlled - but are based on individual component wear and actual system requirements.

Furthermore, confidentiality, data integrity, authenticity and protection are ALL guaranteed

iConn from CompAir - changing the way we do business

iConn Benefits at a Glance

iconn operating data

Real time operating data available around the clock

iconn wear detection

Wear of compressed air components is identified early

iconn lifecycle

On demand maintenance extends compressor life cycle and optimises costs

iconn reduced costs

Reduce operation costs caused by increased pressure drop in filters & separators through late maintenance

iconn maximum performance

Maximun compressor performance reduced energy consumption

iconn potential savings

Identify potential savings by measuring costs and efficiency

iconn avoid downtime

Predictive and preventative monitoring and warnings avoid expensive downtime

iconn optimised maintenance

Optimised maintenance planning


"iConn allows you to remain connected to your compressed air station at all times, from anywhere - for greater efficiency, productivity & to protect your investement

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CompAir iConn Brochure