beko leak detector in action

Are you aware of the cost of compressed air and vacuum system leaks?

Statistics state that a 3mm diameter leak can cost up to £600 per annum and with energy prices steadily rising, this is only set to increase

Carried out with the latest ultrasonic survey handguns known as ULDs (Ultrasonic Leak Detectors). These work by pinpointing high frequency sound waves produced by leaks from air pipe work and components.

All of the leaks and information gathered are tagged for identification, a report issued and the client (or Aircare) can get busy with rectification. 

A full report is issued detailing the cost of each leak.  We have experience of leak detection surveys carried out where we have also identified potentially fatal vessel failure. Reducing the compressed air used (leaked) and increasing air available and profit.  This system works for both compressed air and vacuum.