Your manufacturing process may be thoroughly scrutinised, but your vacuum system could be a potential hazard.

Whilst your product manufacturing process is scrutinised in great detail, ancillary processes and utilities, such as vacuum and compressed air systems can be omitted, often due to a misunderstanding regarding potential risk.

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Many applications within the food & beverage industries rely on a vacuum and vacuum pumps can often be found around the production environment. Unbeknown to many, they can be a potential source of contamination (hazards) and should therefore be included as part of the Hazard Analysis.


vac pumpThe majority of vacuum pumps currently in use in the Food and Beverage industries are oil lubricated and under normal operation, there should be no oil discharge from these units.

However, in certain circumstances, oil could be discharged from the exhaust of the pump which could constitute a hazard in the product (and potentially a health & safety hazard too).

Therefore, the vacuum pump should be subject to the Hazard Analysis (risk assessment) and if necessary, measures put in place to control the hazard.

elmo r shieldElmo Rietschle offers you complete peace of mind with Assure, our industry-leading 6 year warranty programme

With Elmo Rietschle Assure Warranty you have the reassurance that your vacuum equipment is properly installed, inspected and serviced to avoid hazards associated with poorly maintained systems.

- Warranty cover up to 6 years as standard

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Elmo Rietschle can provide the answer with 100% Oil Free vacuum and pressure solutions for food industries

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Elmo Rietschle’s long tradition working closely with food and beverage industries, along with our skilled, factory-trained engineers makes us the first choice for HACCP compliant vacuum and pressure solutions:

• Filling & closing

• Labelling

• Degassing water

Food processing
- Vacuum filling
- Vacuum tumbling
- Vacuum cutting

Vacuum packaging
- Tray sealing
- Forming
- Chamber sealing
- Trim removal

Other applications
- Pick + place
- Freeze drying
- Pneumatic conveying