Nitrogen Generation

Industrial nitrogen gas, straight from the source

The cost-effective, reliable and safe solution for medium to large nitrogen requirements.

CompAir offers an ideal solution with a comprehensive range of cost effective nitrogen generation systems from compressed air, that enable users to produce their total demand for nitrogen gas on their premises and under their control.  Aircare are distributors for this product and have a Champion that can support you.

Compared to traditional methods of supply, an on-site nitrogen generation system is exceptionally cost-efficient with a short payback time on investment - in many cases less than twelve months.

The convenient and safe alternative

The system can be installed simply within a compressor house or production area with standard piping, without any special requirements. Nitrogen gas is produced at low pressure, eliminating safety hazards usually associated with high pressure cylinder gas. Potential manual handling concerns are also removed.

  • Enhanced safety without the need to store or handle high pressure cylinders
  • Reduced downtime due to an on-demand supply
  • Cost savings following payback of up to 90%
  • High purity nitrogen at consistent flow and pressure
  • Compact space saving design
  • Flexible modular design
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Proven high reliability

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