Aircare Compressor Services Ltd have been providing solutions for compressed air and vacuum since 1991. 

design distribution pipework

We have a team of dedicated, experienced and professional staff that are able to offer advice and guidance and ‘the best practice’ .

Aircare offer the following services, amongst others:

New Build

  • Site Auditing
  • Design, specification, build, installation and training for your compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen generation production needs

Compressor Heat Recovery

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Ducting Systems

Pneumatic Systems

  • Pneumatic Circuit Design

Vacuum & Blower System Design

Control Panel 

  • Design
  • Build

Existing Compressed Air Systems

  • Data Logging/Energy Audits
  • Leak Detection & Reports
  • Air Flow Metering
  • Air Quality Testing and filtration advice
  • Pipework Surveys

We install bespoke packages into any position, any location with careful planning.


design difficult locations 1

design difficult locations 2

design difficult locations 3